Client Testimonials

Our firm represents individuals and corporate clients before the IRS and state taxing agencies in Maryland, Washington, D.C. Virginia and in other states.
Grace Obebe, Infinity Nursing Services, Inc.

Mr. Mehdiyoun is a very focused attorney, highly organized and tremendously knowledgeable in tax matters. It has been a blessing to have him represent our company in a tax matter. His knowledge of tax law and tenacity as an advocate have produced returns beyond our wildest expectation. He did win a precedent-setting victory for our company in a workers’ compensation case, for which I am very grateful.

April, 2017

Cameron Manesh

Mr. Mehdiyoun negotiated a large federal tax liability with the IRS and saved me almost $1.5 million. I own a realty company and after the real estate market crashed in 2008 I fell behind my federal taxes. The IRS was threatening to confiscate my property and my bank accounts. Mr. Mehdiyoun worked with several IRS revenue officers and eventually settled a $1.7 million liability for around $200,000. Throughout the process, he met me several times and answered my questions and concerns. He was very accessible and answered all my phone calls and emails personally and promptly. I highly recommend Mehdiyoun Law Firm tax resolution services.

November 2016

Cindy Yun

I went to Kamyar in November 2015 to get help for taxes I owe which was over 30K. Kamyar was easy to talk to, his fees were affordable and my tax issue was recently resolved in September 2016. I have to pay less than one third of what I owed originally. Kamyar was very professional and always replied to my emails and questions in a timely manner. It was nice working with him and what a great relief that my tax issue has been resolved in less than one year. I highly recommend him.

October 2016

Amilcar Salguero

Mr. Mehdiyoun represented me before the Maryland tax court regarding sales taxes assessed against my business. I am very satisfied with the results because the government had to accept our position as to the amount of principal tax owed. In addition, penalties that had been imposed on my business after the tax audit had been concluded, were reduced from 100% to only 10%. As a result, I saved tens of thousands of dollars in taxes, interest and penalties.

Throughout the audit and litigation process, Mr. Mehdiyoun was always available to answer my questions and concerns. He always answered my emails and voicemails promptly. I highly recommend Mehdiyoun Law Firm for representation before Maryland Comptroller office and Maryland Tax Court.

September 2016

Sunny Huff

When my retirement income was unexpectedly levied by IRS, I became aware that my former accountant had given me really bad advice 9 years ago and every year thereafter. I owed $41,000 back taxes. I was overwhelmed. After trying to negotiate with IRS on my own, I engaged Mr. Kaymar Mehdiyoun to help me. He is professional and knowledgeable and explained my options with integrity and kindness. Several months later an Offer in Compromise was negotiated by Mr. Mehdiyoun that saved me $40,000. There was a lot of hard work on my part retrieving old financial records, but Mr. Mehdiyoun walked me through the process with knowledge, understanding and compassion. I am very grateful for his expertise and I highly recommend him.

August 2016

Robert Reinhardt

Kamyar saved me a ton of money from an incorrect deficiency claim against me by the IRS. They said I owed them $156,000. Instead at the end of the day they owed me $22. Kamyar was very professional and knows his stuff. Working with him took all the anxiety out of dealing with the IRS. All I had to do was let him handle it.

January 2016

Ken in Maryland

Kamyar helped me with a $200k+ tax assessment… settling for less than $30k I was happy to do so and be relieved of the huge stress in my life. He helped me move through the process at a pace that was agreeable with me – considering the many ‘life things’ that come up unexpectedly and you have to juggle priorities.

Kamyar was professional, always there (he even made time for me while on crutches!), did not make snap decisions but, rather considered the situation at both a high level as well as the many details, and his advice and counsel most appreciated.

I highly recommend Kamyar’s services – I’ve already given his name to a friend who is now working with Kamyar.

Job well done Kamyar! (Thanks!!)

December 2015

W Nichols II

Mr. Mehdiyoun was generous enough to meet my wife and I on a Sunday to discuss our tax issues. During our consultation, he made us feel very comfortable and I never got the impression that it was only about the money. I had spoken with two lawyers previously but from the first phone conversation, I could tell Mr. Mehdiyoun was sincere and genuine about his practice. I highly recommend his services to anyone that doesn’t want to battle the IRS alone.

November 2015

CoCo La Rue

Kamyar saved me from a horrible tax debt.
I’ve been working with Kamyar for 3 years. The IRS had a tax lien against me for more than $200,000. They kept going back and fourth with me. The day I hired Kamyar was one of the best days of my life, he saved me from this HUGE tax bill. Unlike most attorneys you call and never can reach them, Kamyar always answer his phone. If he doesn’t answer he will call you back or email. It was a great experience working with him and I know I can be hard and impatient most of the time. LOL I just want to tell all of you who’s reading this, if you’re in need of a tax attorney Kamyar is the BEST. Thank you SO MUCH Kamyar from A List Hair & Wardrobe Stylist CoCo La Rue

September 2015

Brian Gallagher

For several years I had tried to resolve my back tax issues without any success. I owed in excess of $100,000 to the federal government alone. I knew that I needed help but didn’t want to work with so-called ‘tax resolution companies’ that are mostly located in other states and are not trustworthy. I wanted to meet with an experienced tax lawyer in the Washington, D.C. area to discuss my problems with.

During my first meeting with Mr. Mehdiyoun, he clearly explained my options and how he was going to go about resolving my tax liability. He negotiated on my behalf with the IRS and settled my debt for a small fraction of the original amount. During the course of representation, whenever I called or emailed him, he personally spoke with me or returned my emails promptly. I strongly recommend Mr. Mehdiyoun for his professionalism, his knowledge and his legal skills.

September 2015

James Sorge

If you are need of a great tax attorney, we highly recommend Kamyar Mehdiyoun!

The outcome he achieved for us was better than we ever expected.
We never dreamed we would get the results we did!

We want to thank you for resolving the tax problems we had with the IRS. You were immediately responsive to every question we had, and the resolution to our tax issues was completed in a very expeditious manner and totally to our satisfaction.

Every time I called him, he was very informed and informative of all that was going on with our situation. My only wish is that we had contacted you when the problem began.
We would certainly have had the peace of mind we now enjoy much sooner.

Thanks again so much for going the extra mile on our case, we were really worried about how we were going to finally get our taxes in order, but you took care of all that for us.

James & Frances Sorge

April 2015

Edward DeJesus

Under-promised and greatly over-delivered!

Kaymar was excellent in helping me resolve business and personal tax issues. He has an extreme level of professionalism and always got back to me within hours. Moreover, his expertise and knowledge of the tax system made sure my rights were protected. If you are interested in more information, please contact me. I recommend his firm highly.

March 2015

Elizabeth in Maryland

Kamyar Mehidiyoun, Esq. is the right choice! Prior to finding Tax Lawyer Kamyar Mehdiyoun in May 2013, I was chased by the IRS for delinquent taxes from a previous marriage…for the past 16 years! I’m sure I’m not the first spouse that signed a joint return without first doing a line-by-line audit. I innocently trusted my former spouse. Two years after filing the tax return, the IRS determined delinquent taxes were due – from both parties. Both parties are liable for the full amount, because both spouses signed the return. I have since then fought battle after battle with the IRS to proclaim my innocence.14 years later, after the first notice and attempt to collect the delinquent taxes from the joint return…

I received notice from my bank that my mortgage payment did not go through due to “insufficient funds” in my checking account. I thought the bank had made a mistake and must have the incorrect account number. I was shocked when I was informed that the IRS had cleaned out my checking account! The IRS levied every penny that I had to my name to pay for the delinquent taxes from the previous marriage. I was horrified and didn’t have a dime left to even buy food or put gas in my car to go to work.I was frantic, and was in desperate search of a tax attorney.

Based upon my experience of calling a few advertised establishments, I learned that

1) What you see on the TV commercials, where they claim that they can get your back taxes reduced to less than XX% and only pay pennies on the dollar is not an accurate representation.

2) You will not be represented by a licensed tax attorney, but rather a tax negotiator/representative

3) A hefty retainer upfront, which is ridiculous! If had the money for the retainer, I could have paid off the tax bill.During my search, I came across Kaymar Mehdiyoun, Esq.’s advertisement. I called and left a message. To my surprise, I actually got a call back within a reasonable amount of time. Mr. Mehdiyoun was not only professional, but he actually listened and was already thinking about the best defense to help my case. This is even before I was asked to come in, or was asked to provide a hefty retainer. I was impressed that he was truly concerned about my situation, and not just adding more to his case file to increase his bottom line. His fees are very reasonable.

Also, as with any attorney, Mr. Mehdiyoun did not guarantee a positive outcome to my case. He did however, made me feel very confident that he will fight for my rights and get the best possible result as his client. Throughout the entire ordeal, he has been very responsive to my calls and emails, which I only contacted him when it was really necessary. I was never made to feel that my question/concern wasn’t important. He truly cares! I am so lucky to have found him!

Lastly, I’ve never written a review for any occasion. However, the way Kamyar Mehdiyoun, Esq. handled my case truly deserves praise! I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s seeking legal counsel in matters relating to taxes.Thank you Mr. Mehdiyoun for the successful outcome of my innocent spouse case and getting my levied funds returned. More importantly, for ending the chase and fear from the IRS. At last, I can move on with my life.

July 2014

Samantha in Maryland

I met Tax Lawyer Kamyar Mehdiyoun in October 2009. Kamyar Mehdiyoun was unique; I found him reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, courteous, dependable. Kamyar was at all times available via, phone, email, or in person, and extremely well-informed on the subject of Tax Law. He is well organized and follows through to ensure that the job is done right.

I hired Kamyar Mehdiyoun to handle my IRS and State Tax disputes that were very complicated. Kamyar filed an offer in compromise, and wrote a brief on my behalf. My expectations were to get the enormous amount of money owed for Taxes reduced. Kamyar took my case and negotiated a settlement with the IRS. Kamyar called to let me know he had reached a settlement. When I got the bottom line figure tears of joy rolled down my face; I said to Kamyar you accomplished what the other Tax Relief companies could not. I thank the stars above every day for Kamyar Mehdiyoun’s help.

Before finding Tax lawyer Kamyar Mehdiyoun, I had previously hired two other so called Fly by Night(untrustworthy, irresponsible) Tax Relief Companies and was assured my Tax Debt, Penalties, would be reduced to pennies on the dollar, my Tax Lien would be removed without delay. Guess what: that never happened. Also I was promised my Tax case would be handled through their Tax Lawyers, however that never materialized. I discovered my Tax case was handled through a Tax Negotiator Representative who has not a Tax Lawyer. When I confronted both Tax Relief companies it was communicated to me “quote” the majority of Tax Relief Companies employees are Tax Negotiator Representative not Tax Lawyers.

Both Tax Relief Companies ripped me off of Thousands & Thousands of dollars. On the other hand Kamyar Mehdiyoun’s fees were affordable. I highly endorse Tax lawyer Kamyar Mehdiyoun and would recommend him to my family and friends. Bottom line Hire a Tax Lawyer expert.

October 2009

Robert in Washington, D.C.

I am a small business owner in Washington, D.C. Sometime ago, I was informed by the IRS that my business owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes. Because I didn’t have the funds to pay the business taxes I was afraid that the IRS would close down my business.

A business friend of mine recommended that I retain Kamyar Mehdiyoun to represent me in front of the IRS. It was the best advice I ever got. Kamyar Mehdiyoun is a first-class tax lawyer whose knowledge, hard work and diligence saved my business. He is super competent, conscientious and his fees are very reasonable. If you need legal help or tax advice I strongly recommend Mehdiyoun Law Firm.

Afshin Pishevar, Esq.

I endorse this lawyer without reservation. He is a highly knowledgeable attorney I refer clients to in the area of Tax Controversies. He is highly professional, works hard and and knows this area of law like the back of his hand. You cannot go wrong by hiring Mr. Mehdiyoun if ever you should have a tax controversy matter before the IRS.


For the past two years Mr. Mehdiyoun represented me with my tax issues. In short.. I found him to be very professional and very good in what he does. Today, September 10, 2012 my case has been resolved successfully. I am so happy! I highly recommend Mr. Mehdiyoun to anyone in need of help dealing with the IRS. I listened and followed his advice each step of the way and I am glad I did. He updated me periodically in regards to my case and I never felt rushed when I had questions for him.

Today, I feel so relieved and so happy that he represented me. His fees were very reasonable. If you want a peace of mind .. Mr. Kamran Mehdiyoun is the right attorney and I recommend him 100%.

Kimberly Mitman

I have worked with Kamyar for the last two years or so on a tax issue that I had.  He did a great job, and I am thrilled with the end result.  He was able to negotiate a better solution than I had even hoped for.

Jackie Clark

Kamyar Mehdiyoun is extremely knowledgeable, professional and very generous with his time, and I recommend him highly.

W Bonney

Mr. Mehdiyoun was generous enough to meet my wife and I on a Sunday to discuss our tax issues.  During our consultation, he made us feel very comfortable and I never got the impression that it was only about the money.  I had spoken with two lawyers previously but from the first phone conversation, I could tell Mr. Mehdiyoun was sincere and genuine about his practice.  I highly recommend his services to anyone that doesn’t want to battle the IRS alone.

Playfur Cinema

I owed federal back taxes for the past 10 years. Kamyar settled my back tax debt for 1/4 of the original liability. The IRS had told him at first that they were not going to settle my taxes for less. But he worked with the IRS representatives in order to convince the government to reduce my large tax debt to an amount that i could afford to pay. During the course of representation which took more than a year, he always answered  my phone calls and emails personally even on weekends and holidays. He was also available to meet with me if i wanted to discuss my case. He is very knowledgeable and has a high degree of professionalism. If you have a tax issue, i highly recommend Mehdiyoun Law Firm.

Stacey Pettiford

I received a Federal tax notice in 2014 stating that I owed over $46,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest. I decided to call the IRS and set a payment plan myself which I realized was a big mistake after three months. The interest I was being charged was more than my monthly payments. I decided it would be best if I hired an Attorney to speak on my behalf. I first called Optima Tax Relief from the radio commercials. After two minutes on the phone with one of their representatives, I knew I was wasting my time. I then called the offices of a few local Attorneys in the DMV area and I was immediately greeted by a receptionist. The receptionist would ask me various questions before attempting to schedule a date and time for me to meet with an Attorney. I began to get discouraged because I felt like I was just repeating my self over and over to people who couldn’t help me. My last call was to Mehdiyoun Law Firm and I was very shocked when Attorney Kamyar Mehdiyoun answered the phone personally. Our conversation started immediately with a free consultation. The next step was a face to face meeting to explain IRS procedures and a plan to file an Offer of Compromise on my behalf to reduce my tax debt. The Offer of Compromise was files in October 2014 and it requested that my tax debt be reduced to $1,200 based on the information my Attorney filed on my behalf. The IRS notified me a year and one month later that my Offer of Compromise was sent for review. I got my final IRS notice in February 2016 informing me that the Offer of Compromise filed on my behalf was accepted. My tax debt was reduced from over $46,000 to $1,200 and it would not have happened if I didn’t make that last call to Mehdiyoun Law Firm.

John in Silver Spring

I found Kamyar to be a knowledgeable and competent lawyer and a pleasure to work with. Kamyar always responded promptly to my questions about the process, timing and strategy which I really appreciated. He did a great job with my case. I had tax liability of approximately $50,000. Kamyar negotiated with the IRS an offer and compromise of $2,400. This was a total tax saving of over $47,000. I am so grateful for his help.

Lyla jalili

For over 13 years, I struggled with a complex tax issue that many in this industry were unable to help me resolve. My tax issues stretched from the states of California and Georgia and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
1.    My tax liability with the IRS was over $123,000.
2.    The State of California erroneously charged me an untold amount of taxes when I was not living or working there.  The state passed liens on my assets and collected more than $14,000 from my pay and my bank account.

I am extremely happy to have located Mr. Mehdiyoun. He is one of the few lawyers with whom I found myself to be very comfortable.  He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, professional, honest, and his fees are very reasonable considering his expertise.  He does not mislead nor does he promise things that he cannot deliver.  During my initial intake, he promised to resolve my tax issues in 6 months.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was able to deliver on his promises in exactly six months.

1.    In exactly 6 months the Mehdiyoun Law Firm coordinated with the IRS to settle my account and reduced my liability to only $240.00.  You can do the math of the amount of savings he worked out for me.
2.    Although the state California tax issue was not part of the deal, he voluntarily decided to help me with that state.  He communicated with the State of California who later rescinded the liens on my assets and admit to have done so erroneously.

Prior to the Mehdiyoun Law Firm, everyone I approached did nothing but take my money and waste my time. While others stole my money for over 13 years without a resolution, he was able to work with the IRS to do it in 6 months. I was extremely fortunate to find someone so honest and extremely knowledgeable.  During the process, he was also very responsive to my email and phone inquiries.

I am immensely grateful to Mr. Mehdiyoun’s expertise in the intricacies of US tax laws and transactions with the IRS.  His are by far the best in this industry.  His professionalism is second to none.  I highly recommend him as someone to trust with your tax issues.