Real Estate or Real Property Tax Issues

Real estate or real property tax is one of the burdens of homeownership. Many home owners in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia justifiably feel that the government’s tax assessment overestimates the value of their real property and seek real property tax relief. One of the main reasons for the recent economic downturn was the sharp decline in house and property values. In many cases, real property tax assessments do not correctly reflect this abrupt decline in house or property values.

Our tax law firm helps property owners in the process of appealing their real estate tax bills. Although, the process of appealing real property taxes varies depending on the jurisdiction, home owners or real estate owners may appeal their real property tax bills on different occasions. Usually, property owners begin appealing their tax bills when they receive an assessment notice (called Notice of Assessment in Maryland) from the state government. But, for example, in Maryland they can also file an appeal when they purchase the property or by filing a petition for review. Strict time limits apply for filing such appeals. If the taxpayer fails to convince Maryland State Department of Taxation to lower the amount of the real property tax, the property owner may appeal to the Maryland Tax Court. Decisions of the Maryland Tax Court may be further appealed to higher courts.

Failure to pay real property taxes on a timely basis and the resulting real property tax delinquency may lead to imposition of tax liens, tax levies and tax seizures by state taxing authorities. Real property tax lien and tax levy disputes related to delinquent property tax obligations may be protracted and costly. If you have recently received an assessment notice or a notice of levy related to your real property taxes and you are seeking help in lowering your real estate taxes by filing an appeal, contact Kamyar Mehdiyoun, tax debt resolution attorney in Rockville, Maryland. We are a tax law firm specializing in IRS and tax problem resolution and will help you settle your current or back tax obligations.